Dr. Okuda and Hawaii Luxury Magazine

When you think of teeth and a beautiful smile in Hawaii Dr. Wynn Okuda, Hawaii’s most popular cosmetic dentist, probably pops into your head. Dr. Okuda, who has an accredited fellowship with the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, treats people from all over the world and is known for his patient friendly facilities at his Dental Day spa in Honolulu. So well known is Dr. Okuda that Hawaii Luxury, a popular magazine sold all over the islands, asked his thoughts regarding the dental day spa experience.

Here is what Dr. Okuda had to say,

“We have people book appointments, just so they can get the extras,” Okuda says. Lengthier procedures mean even more TLC. For instance, the in-office spa room has a full-sized massage bed and aromatherapy equipment, making the hour-long massage some patients receive truly tension melting. Entering a procedure in a more relaxed state works wonders for the actual procedure.”

Okuda believes in the comfort of the patient and thanks to his, “Fear reduction,” practice, more people are coming to his dental day spa for procedures that they would be too petrified to consider in the past.

At Dr. Okuda’s dental day spa you can relax if you are having a no obligation cosmetic dentistry consultation as Dr. Okuda and his team will help you decide what cosmetic dental procedures would be best for your particular needs whether you have been considering porcelain veneers or have been toying with the idea of dental bonding.

Dr. Okuda is an expert when it comes to cosmetic dentistry and has received several accreditations and accolades helping everyone from beauty queens to television personalities get the smile that they deserve.

Accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Okuda is one of a handful of dentists around the world who have an accredited fellowship with the AACD worldwide. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry is the world’s largest cosmetic dental organization with nearly 7,000 members.

If you would like more information regarding Dr. Okuda and is dental day spa, call and schedule an appointment for a no obligation dental day spa consultation today.