Coffee and Your Smile

Coffee and Your SmileYou loving having a nice, hot cup of coffee as part of your morning routine, but have you ever thought about how coffee can affect your teeth? Wynn H. Okuda, DMD, who does teeth bleaching in Honolulu on a regular basis, wants to get the word out.

How Does Coffee Affect Your Smile?

While coffee does have some definite advantages, it also negatively affects your smile in two main ways: It causes teeth discoloration and it can wear away at your tooth enamel.

While most teeth feel nice and smooth, the reality is that all teeth have tiny pits and grooves all along the surface. When you drink coffee, some of the black coffee particles get stuck in these pits and grooves, causing discoloration. Drinking lighter colored coffee--with sugar and cream--doesn't help either. Not only does the coffee itself wear away at the enamel, causing more tiny grooves for food particles to get stuck in, but the sugar and cream also attract bacteria, which can further worsen the staining.

How Can Coffee Staining Be Prevented?

The best way to prevent your teeth from staining due to coffee is to simply stop drinking it. For many people, however, this simply isn't an option. The next best solution would be to brush and rinse regularly, especially immediately after enjoying your coffee. You can also drink your coffee faster, so it doesn't sit on your teeth as long, or drink it through a straw so it by-passes your teeth altogether. Be sure to visit Dr. Okuda for regular check-ups and cleanings as well.

How Can Coffee Staining Be Treated?

Once the staining occurs, however, you will need to treat it. The best way to remove stains caused by coffee and other staining substances is to visit Dr. Okuda in Honolulu for teeth bleaching. With professional teeth whitening treatment, you can see amazing whitening results in less than an hour!

If you're a coffee lover and you have the discolored teeth to show for it, let today be the day you finally decide to take action. Call Dr. Okuda in Honolulu to schedule an appointment for professional teeth bleaching today.