Say Cheese!

When's the last time you revealed your teeth in a photograph? If your teeth are yellow or stained, it's probably been a while. Honolulu, teeth whiteningHI, dentist, Dr. Wynn Okuda, explains how teeth bleaching treatment can help your teeth look picture perfect again.

Dull teeth don't happen overnight

Teeth usually become duller gradually. If you look at old pictures of yourself, you'll probably notice that your smile used to be much brighter. A duller smile can occur due to several reasons. As you age, dentin, the darker layer of your teeth that's located just under your enamel, gets even darker. Unfortunately, as the dentin darkens, the layer of enamel covering gets thinner. Your smile will also look duller if you smoke cigarettes or cigars or chew tobacco. Your favorite foods and beverages can also contribute to a less-than-white smile, particularly if you enjoy coffee, tea or cola.

Bleaching makes stains a distant memory

Teeth bleaching, also called whitening, is very effective at targeting the stains that penetrate tooth enamel.

Dr. Okuda takes the time to protect these sensitive areas before your treatment in his Honolulu office begins. Protection involves a two-step process. First, a layer of gel is applied to your gums. The gel offers a very effective barrier that prevents the whitening agent from reaching the tissue. After the gel is applied, small devices called retractors lift your lips and gums and prevent them from coming in contact with the hydrogen peroxide. After about an hour, the whitening agent and the protective gel is removed, revealing a brighter smile.

Whitening offers long-lasting results

If you've tried a drugstore whitening product in the past, you may have been disappointed because the results didn't last very long. Professional whitening offers much better results. In most cases, your teeth will stay white for at least six months after your treatment, although many people report excellent results as much as five years after whitening.

Make your smile brighter and whiter with teeth bleaching. Call Honolulu, HI, dentist, Dr. Wynn Okuda, at (808) 734-1099 to schedule your appointment.