Accelerated Treatment

Complex dental cases can take many months for a dentist with special training to complete. In fact, challenging cases requires a special skillset from a dentist, they should have firm grasp of occlusion (proper chewing function), esthetics, material science, and dental implants. The more complex your case, the longer the process usually takes. Dr. Okuda has pioneered the Okuda Accelerated Treatment protocol in which he can tackle the most difficult cases and complete them in under a month. His decades of experience treating challenging cases, years of the most advanced training in the world, his intimate knowledge of materials from his consulting work with dental materials manufacturing companies and personal mentorship from the Grandfather of the modern dental implantology allow Dr. Okuda to predictably treat cases that other dentists would avoid treating. His patients always comment how easy Dr. Okuda makes the process flow from start to finish but they may not realize the intense study and time that Dr. Okuda puts into comprehensive planning of all of his cases.

Here is a sample of a typical case from a traditional dentist who can complete difficult cases:

1) The client comes in for an exam and eventually decides to move forward with advanced treatment.

2) The dentist may (and many cases may not) take some records they can send to a lab in order to design the case in wax (waxup). The dentist has some guidelines for the lab to follow but much of the design is completed by a lab technician who is not a dentist. Just like dentists, there is a huge range of skill set and knowledge between dental laboratories.

3) This process can easily take up to two weeks. Once the waxup is complete, the client comes in to see if they like the proposed mockup. If they like the proposal then treatment can be started.

4) Depending on the complexity of the case, the dentist will usually phase treatment. For example, they may start with the front teeeth first and finish the rear ones after the fronts are complete. This can easily take 1-2 months to finish.

So bascially it can take 2-4 months to finish a difficult case and if implants are involved, you may have to wear a removable temporary until implants heal which can take another 4-6 months and in some cases longer if grafting is necessary.

When you see Dr. Okuda, it is possible to have the inital consultation and then look at a waxup that Dr. Okuda personally hand crafts in just a couple of days. With his special relationship with one of the top labs in the nation, he can get your complete case back in just a couple of weeks. While you wait for your final restorations to arrive, you will be wearing temporaries that most people will think are the final restorations because of their beauty. In fact, some of his movie star clients and models have done movie and photo shoots in their temporary restorations! He also does his best to avoid having to use removable temporaries so you can wait for your completed case with the maximum comfort. And remember, for all your dental visits, you'll have a massage therapist and movie glasses to make your appointments fly by!

Dr. Okuda's Accelerated Treatment works well for people who fly in from around the world and want to vacation in Hawaii while they wait. Even if you think you're mouth is hopeless, contact the office for a complimentary consultation to see if Dr. Okuda can help. He offers Skype consultations for those who live out of state or country.