FullMouth Rehabilitation

Severe teeth problems can occur from decades of improper bite fucntionality. Without correcting or improving this function problem, any cosmetic dental work may fail prematurely. Dr. Okuda starts all his cases from the ground up. By creating a strong foundation, Dr. Okuda can then properly design a beautiful new smile that also functions correctly. Dr. Okuda has countless clients who have had full mouth reconstructions that are still fucntioning well after decades of use. If you feel like your mouth has severe problems everywhere or want a complete smile makeover to improve your smile, a full mouth rehabilitation may be your answer. Instead of performing patchwork again and again, sometimes a fresh start with a complete rejuvenation of the bite and smile is the best way to proceed.

full mouth rehabilitation before full mouth rehabilitation after Having to correct a bad bite problem is very important in order to keep your teeth for a lifetime... having a balanced bite will distribute the forces of chewing equally. A bad bite concentrates forces on only several teeth which can lead to those teeth breaking. If you want to avoid dentures and unwanted fractured teeth be sure you have the function of your teeth evaluated periodically and/or correct by an expert dentist.

full mouth rehabilitation before full mouth rehabilitation after Many patients suffer from the devastating results of teeth grinding. Not only do you lose the important protective layer called enamel but also shortened teeth prematurely ages your face. In this case full mouth reconstruction was done to correct the health, function and esthetics of his smile. With Dr Okuda’s unique techniques he was able to complete his full mouth reconstruction in only 2 treatment appointments. He’s happy because he regained the strength in his teeth and a natural youthful face and smile again!!

This technique can be perfect for those with severely worn down teeth from severe clenching or grinding, people with many broken teeth from trauma, those with severely stained teeth from over exposure from childhood antibiotics or excessive fluoride at an early age, have many missing teeth, or just overall breakdown over time from insufficient home care. By specializing in difficult cases, he has seen complex situations on a regular basis which allows him to predictably treat even the toughest cases.

A full mouth reconstruction allows Dr. Okuda to simulaneously fix all the existing teeth problems, the contruct a properly functioning chewing system, and to totally create an amazing, life changing smile all at the same time. This is usually considered one of the most difficult procedures for a dentist but Dr. Okuda has helped thousands of clients with severe dental problems over his career. Dr. Okuda can complete full mouth reconstructions in as few as two visits, the first to prepare all the teeth and to handcraft beautiful temporaries, and the 2nd visit to deliver all the restorations and fine tune the case. This is the Okuda Accelerated Treatment, receving the most advanced dentistry in the shortest amount of time.

While waiting for your final restorations, you will be wearing prototype temporaries based off of Dr. Okuda's wax mockup of your new smile. So you'll have time to let Dr. Okuda know if you'd like something altered before he selects the final shape, shade and colors. Dr. Okuda may select different types of materials depending on the needs and dental situation but rest assured that his experience, knowledge of the cosmetic properties of all restorative materials, and his close relationship with a top lab will make your case look and feel amazing.



When teeth are prematurely worn due to severe grinding the outcome can be very broken down teeth. Worn teeth can result in pre-mature aging of a person’s face and smile. Using porcelain veneers, dental implants and reconstruction techniques Dr. Okuda rejuvenated his patient smile, health and function and re-created what was lost due to severe teeth grinding.