Gummy Smile Treatment

Do you hate your gummy smile?  Dr. Wynn Okuda specializes in cosmetic dentistry and routinely helps clientele from around the world who want to show less gums (gingiva) when smiling.  Gummy smile surgery and treatments can be painful but Dr. Okuda has developed techniques that deliver exceptional cosmetic results with surprising comfort.  Utlilizing his accelerated cosmetic system, dental laser technology, and knowledge of the gums and tooth physiology Dr. Okuda can radically transform gummy smiles in a single day with beautiful and amazing results.  He is one of only a handful of accredited fellows in the American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry which makes him one of the best cosmetic dentists in the world.

Here is just one example of a gummy smile transformation:

You can see more gums than teeth in some areas of the smile.  The teeth look much shorter also due to the excess amount of gingiva (gums) showing.

Now you can still see the gums but just the right amount.  The teeth also follow the contours of her lips.  The final result is an amazing award winning smile!

Kayli Kaiulani Carr, Ms. Aloha Hula 2016 at the Merrie Monarch Festival

Even the most beautiful people in the world can benefit from some smile enhancement from Dr. Wynn Okuda.