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Full mouth rehabilitation The Dental Day Spa Philosophy

We believe in providing five-star, quality dental care to our patients in a comfortable, pleasant environment. Using expert clinical and administrative staff, we maintain our high level of excellence in cosmetic, implant & restorative dentistry while at the same time pampering our patients to create both beautiful smiles and memorable experiences.

Cosmetic dentistry is at its finest when the science and technical expertise of cosmetic dentistry is combined with the artistic abilities of the dentist. Dr. Okuda has established that unique and elusive synergy and has combined it with five-star professional services.

  • We work with proven, state-of-the-art dental procedures and materials
  • We use only the most reliable and proven techniques
  • And we utilize the #1 dental laboratory in the nation to provide the materials necessary to create your perfect smile

Best Dentist to make crowns The Dental Day Spa Difference

Our extraordinary process of performing cosmetic dentistry allows you the patient to participate and be fully engaged in the designing of your new smile. The end result is a beautiful, natural appearing smile that will bring out the confidence and self-esteem you’ve always wanted, to achieve personal and career success.

At the Dental Day Spa we specialize in complete smile make overs and smile maintenance with all cosmetic dental surgery performed by Dr. Wynn Okuda, one of the world's leading Cosmetic Dentists. By combining cosmetic dentistry and spa services we've created an environment that actually has you looking forward to your appointments. We pamper and heal you with tension-releasing massages and rejuvenating facials while getting your beautiful new smile.

At the Dental Day Spa, Dr. Okuda and his knowledgeable staff are dedicated to educating you on your personal cosmetic dental situation, presenting the options available, and applying world-renown expertise to recommend the best course of action for you.

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