Dental Implants for Honolulu patients looking to fill gaps

Don’t Let Missing Teeth Get You Down! We Offer Dental Implants at Our Honolulu Dental Office

Missing teeth have often been replaced with fixed bridges or dentures, but, more recently, dental implants have been used to bring a more comfortable and permanent solution.  Dr. Wynn Okuda works with his patients in Honolulu to offer dental implants for a complete smile restoration when teeth are missing.
Dental implants are long lasting tooth root replacements that are securely placed into the jawbone to replicate the root of a single pre-existing tooth, or even multiple teeth.  They are natural looking—virtually indistinguishable from other teeth—and provide the same function as your natural tooth root while preventing further decay, dental disease and bone deterioration. The procedure is a multi-step process performed by Dr. Okuda and involves placing metal anchors into the bone of the jaw, allowing the anchor and bone to fuse, placing an extension in the anchor, and fixing a prosthetic tooth, or crown. 

Let’s Explore the Benefits of Dental Implants in Honolulu

Since dental implants are securely attached, you will gain confidence to eat what you like, speak clearly and can enjoy freedom from embarrassment.  Other benefits of dental implants include:
  • Improved appearance – dental implants look and feel just like your own teeth.
  • Improved comfort – dental implants are securely anchored, so there is no slipping as there is with dentures.
  • Improved health – dental implants can help prevent deterioration of the jawbone caused by loss of teeth, so your face retains its natural shape.
  • Improved durability – dental implants are strong and can last a lifetime with proper care.
  •  Improved convenience – dental implants are permanent, eliminating the inconvenience of removing your dentures.
Feel free to also visit our Before & After Gallery to see other patients’ smile transformations!  It is our goal to ensure our patients leave our office feeling and looking their best.  Through the online Before & After Gallery, we want to showcase various smile restorations so you know just what to expect with your procedure.  Whether you are a patient in Honolulu needing dental implants or any other procedure, we want to be your go to office for world-class cosmetic, implant and restorative dentistry.