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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Patients are always asking me how can I work on all of a patients teeth in one day.  Well, I really started doing full mouth rehab out of necessity.  I had quite a few patients that would fly in to see me and I didn’t have the luxury of having them come in for multiple appointments.  So I had to find a solution, and the solution was my Accelerated Combination Treatment.  ACT is combining multiple types of appointments into one.  Root canals, gum surgery, implant surgery’s can all be done in one visit and in one office rather than having to travel to different offices for each appointment.

There are many benefits to having all of the procedures done in one place at one time.  Of course the convenience of one location, but also having the procedure done at one time saves you hours of travel time as well as time off of work.  Time is money and the least amount of time away from your office, the better.

The benefits to your end results are many too.  Having all the restorations done simultaneously allows for all of the restorations to be made at the same time allowing the ceramic artist to create all of the restorations at the same time so they all match.  The bite and function is perfected because the upper and lower teeth are being made to fit together at the correct orientation exactly.  And ultimately the patient has a long lasting end result that not only looks esthetically pleasing, but the bite and function is perfected as well.

The before image of this patient is an example of what happens when a patient has work done in stages, no matter how hard the dentist works, by the time he is done with one section the other section has developed decay.

The after image shows this patient after have 2 full days of treatment.  The entire mouth is now healthy and she has a beautiful smile to increase her self esteem and self confidence.