Gummy Smile Correction

Learn how your Honolulu cosmetic dentist can make the most of your smile through crown lengthening.

Aligning and whitening aren't the only cosmetic dental procedures that improve the appearance of someone's smile.Gummy Smile Correction Crown lengthening is another cosmetic treatment regularly performed at Okuda Cosmetic Dentistry in Honolulu, Hawaii. This is used to correct an uneven gum-to-tooth ratio, which can give the appearance of having teeth that are too short with extensive gums. Dr. Wynn Okuda and his cosmetic dentistry professionals in Honolulu offer this service to patients who want to correct this problem.

What is crown lengthening? 

Crown lengthening exposes more of the tooth surface by eliminating excess gum tissue. The procedure begins with your Honolulu cosmetic dentist identifying the portions of tissue that will expose more of the teeth upon removal. The area is thoroughly numbed, and the gum line is subsequently restructured, giving the patient a more natural and attractive appearance. Depending on your anatomy, the bone under the gums may need modification as well. After the procedure, the area will be fully cleaned, sutured and bandaged using a special dressing that stays in place for about a week or so; at this point, Dr. Okuda will evaluate your healing at a follow-up appointment at his cosmetic dentistry office in Honolulu. Although crown lengthening is considered to be a minimally invasive surgery, you may receive prescription medication to manage pain.

What are the results?

Once the healing process is complete, a natural-looking and proportional smile is the result. The overwhelming majority of Dr. Okuda's cosmetic dentistry patients in Honolulu are very happy with the way their teeth look after crown lengthening.

Are there other reasons to perform crown lengthening?

Sometimes the gum tissue covers a tooth to the extent that a crown or other dental restoration cannot be placed properly. For this reason, your Honolulu cosmetic dentist may perform the same periodontal procedure to remove and restructure that area. If a tooth has broken or become decayed below the gum line, crown lengthening can expose that area to prepare the tooth for further repairs.

If you think your gums detract from the appearance of your teeth, you might be an excellent candidate for crown lengthening. Call and make an appointment to discuss this treatment with Dr. Wynn Okuda, your Honolulu, Hawaii cosmetic dentist!