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Why Porcelain Crowns Fix Your Unsightly Smile

Do you have unflattering teeth that are crooked, poorly aligned, severely stained, or just plain unattractive? Don't worry: even dental patients without a perfect smile now can achieve one when they take their dysfunctional teeth to the expert cosmetic dentists at VeneersWynn H. Okuda, DMD, Inc., as Dr. Okuda and his trusted dental professionals on site make it their mission to turn your unappealing frown into a superstar smile!

One of the leading ways Dr. Okuda and his staff accomplish this is through porcelain crowns, which are similar to porcelain veneers in that they can cover up even the most unattractive teeth and give your smile the natural appearance of all-white chompers all over again. Frequently used after a dental restoration procedure has taken place in one's mouth, crowns sit atop the remainder of your healthy tooth after the decayed section has been removed, and are bonded onto the tooth's surface indefinitely, yielding a brighter, more beautiful appearance to each and every grin thereafter!

Both veneers and crowns can also help achieve a winning smile in your mouth by altering the shape, length, and position of your teeth. They can even help re-align any out-of-place teeth and fill unsightly gaps between existing teeth. Using the bonding method to fuse them to your available tooth surface once it's time, your crowns or veneers, as the case may be, help to strengthen the natural tooth. After all, achieving the perfect smile can't be maintained unless there's a strong foundation set in place!

For more information on restorative dental solutions for your smile like crowns or veneers, give Dr. Okuda a call today at(808) 734-1099. You feeling confident in your smile again is always the top priority for its staff of dental professionals, so come on in to find out just what your smile's been missing right here in Honolulu, HI!