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Brighten Up Your Smile

Many people settle for undesirable or average-looking smiles because they think it will take too much time and effort to make their teeth teeth whiteninglook better. But you can make a significant change in the way your smile looks by simply brightening it with a teeth bleaching appointment with Dr. Wynn Okuda. This treatment requires just one appointment during an extended lunch hour at Dr. Okuda's office in Honolulu, HI.

Have You Tried Other Tooth Whitening Methods?
Many patients who end up going to the dentist for teeth whitening have tried multiple over-the-counter products and methods of getting their teeth whiter. These other methods aren't always very effective, and if they do work they take very long to show a difference. Some patients have gum sensitivity and experience inflammation or irritation due to misuse of store-bought products.

Why Patients Prefer Professional Teeth Bleaching
One reason why patients choose to go to Dr. Okuda's Honolulu, HI dentist office to have their teeth whitened is because it only requires about 60 to 90 minutes. A professional session also provides them with results that they simply can’t get with over-the-counter products. Expect your smile to improve by up to eight shades. After a teeth whitening session, your brighter smile can last for two or more years.

Stop Discoloration and Staining Before It Starts
If you're aware of why your teeth yellowed or stained, you can prevent this from happening in the future. Follow these simple tips for stopping discoloration and staining before it starts:

- Sip your beverages out of a straw instead of drinking directly out of a cup.
- Use a quality fluoride toothpaste that is recommended by your dentist and consider brushing a few times a week with a whitening paste.
- Rinse and lightly brush after eating a colorful meal or darkly pigmented fruits.
- See your dentist for six-month cleanings.

Brighten Your Smile in One Session
A youthful-looking smile can make all the difference, which is why you should consider a teeth whitening session with Dr. Wynn Okuda. Call (808) 734-1099 today to set an appointment at his office in Honolulu, HI.