Do’s and Don’ts with Porcelain Veneers

Creating the ultimate smile is not as easy as you may think.  Depending on a patients initial problems, there can be underlying issues that need to be addressed before your dentist decides to start placing on porcelain veneers. The amount of preparation done by the dentist will reflect in the end results as well as the longevity of your veneers.

The use of a ceramic artist rather than a dental laboratory technician is also a critical component of having an esthetic result.  The dentist you choose must have very detailed instructions with the ceramic artist, and the dentist needs to be able to communicate their artistic vision to give you the best end result.

Another critical component is having your dentist create a 3 dimensional wax rendition of their design for your new smile.  When you are able to see what the dentist proposes your new smile design will look like in advance, you will be able to make the best decision if that dentist is right for you.  Very few dentists do their own wax rendition, most send it to a dental lab so be sure the cosmetic dentist you are seeing does their own wax-up.

Seeing before and after images that were actually taken by the cosmetic dentist is critical in providing you actual examples of their work, both the dentist and the laboratory.  The porcelain veneers should match the patient and should not all look the same.  The smiles should be customized to that individual patient.

Temporary restorations can be used as a preview for you to see what the size and shape of your newporcelain veneers will look like on you.  Once the temporary restorations have been placed be sure the dentist will allow you to go home for a few days and evaluate the temporaries.  Then request a subsequent appointment where you and your cosmetic dentist can evaluate and modify the shapes and sizes of the veneers prior to the fabrication of your permanent restorations.  This way you have the opportunity to try the veneers on and have them modified prior to your permanent restorations being fabricated.

Hopefully this will help you to feel empowered to find a cosmetic dentist who will best suite your needs.