Maintaining a White Smile

Keeping your smile bright and white takes a little work. Aging and stains caused by tobacco, foods, and beverages can quickly dull your teeth and make you feel reluctant to smile. If you're ready to improve your stained smile, teeth bleaching offered by your Honolulu, HI, dentist, Dr. Wynn Okuda, provides a simple solution.

How you can boost your smile power

Do you look at old photographs and wish your teeth were still as bright as they were years ago? Aging can take a toll on your teeth, but it's not the only factor that can dull your smile. Stains in your tooth enamel may also be an issue.

Tobacco use and foods and beverages cause many dental stains. Dark pigments found in coffee, tea, cola, red wine, soy sauce, berries, ice pops, and other similar foods are the source of the problem.

When you enjoy a handful of blackberries or drink a cup of tea in the morning, a small percentage of the dark pigments seep into tiny openings in your tooth enamel. As the pigments accumulate over months and years, your smile begins to look dull.

Avoiding foods and beverages that cause stains can prevent your teeth from becoming duller. You may also want to use a straw when you drink sports drinks, coffee, tea, cola or red wine. The straw places beverages behind your teeth, decreasing stains on visible surfaces.

Whitening toothpaste and whitening kits can be effective if used as directed. Unfortunately, over-the-counter whiteners may not be strong enough to lighten your teeth.

Professional teeth bleaching offers impressive results

Professional teeth bleaching agents use a stronger formulation of hydrogen peroxide, a natural chemical that removes stains safely and effectively. In fact, one teeth bleaching session at our Honolulu dental office may lighten your teeth by as much as eight shades.

When you arrive at the office, your teeth will be cleaned to remove plaque and tartar. Once your teeth are clean, your dentist will place retractors in your mouth to keep your cheeks and lips away from your teeth during whitening. He'll also apply a protective gel to your roots and gums.

Brushing the whitening gel on your teeth takes a few minutes at most. After about an hour, the gel will be removed, revealing your new and improved smile.

Renew your smile with teeth bleaching. Call your dentist in Honolulu, HI, Dr. Okuda, at (808) 734-1099 to schedule your appointment.